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"Although we only had limited (short stay) experience at the Fairfield County House when we toured the facility we saw that the place was well maintained/clean/quiet. We'd seen various facilities prior to visiting Fairfield County House and nothing compared to this. All the staff was very nice and understanding. You truly felt like you were home. I am glad we chose this place. Keep up the good work!"

"Henry's first response when he arrived at Fairfield County House was, 'This is better than home!' How perceptive and true. Not only is the facility wonderful, so is the staff. They have never denied me any request, and have gone out of their way to ensure Henry's comfort and safety. You have a team to be proud of, and I had a team I can trust to do the best job they can. They have regulated his medications so that he is not in pain and able to enjoy his time there. Thank you again for all that you do."   Henry & Donna Kelly, May 4, 2020. 


"Words cannot express the gratitude that our family feels to have found you for Nikki's last journey with us. You surrounded us with your love and we felt it. You cared for Nikki with compassion and grace, just how Nikki cared for others. We are grateful for the space the house granted us to celebrate, to mourn, and to be together. Our family is large; we love to spend time together. Your home provided us the space to play cards, read, watch TV, have family dinners together and “hide” to have space for ourselves. So, I guess words can express our gratitude."

"We were really lucky that my dad landed at Fairfield County House. We were so comforted. The staff was so wonderful and caring."

"You all came into our lives when we needed you the most. Each of you was a tiny miracle, helping us through the very worst days! Actually not a tiny miracle, but a huge, much needed gift! Thank you for taking the time to get to know us all, for letting us vent, cry and most of all, thank you for taking care of my momma the way that you did! When we got her settled into her beautiful and bright yellow room, I believe that she finally felt safe and taken care of She also knew that I was being taken care of and I believe that's all she needed to know and feel! We love The Fairfield County Hospice House and love knowing how many more families you will save, like mine!"

“Dear Loretta, Doreen and Angelic Staff, We wish to express our heartfelt thanks for the loving care you provided to our father, Jerry during his stay with you. It was a very difficult time not only for Dad, but also for our entire extended family. The comfort, love and support you gave to all of us was truly exceptional. You are angels on this earth and you helped make our beloved Isther's last days comfortable and peaceful. We will be forever grateful to you.” 

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